Musings of this GRANDmother…

As my daughter and granddaughter were leaving the house on Saturday for a mother daughter afternoon of lunch and shopping, I was struck with a moment of deja vu. They were dressed similarly black tops, jeans and boots/high top tennis shoes. I complimented my grandgirl on how adorable she looked and gave my daughter an approving nod. They were rocking one of my favorite looks; black top, jeans with a great shoe is my uniform! And they looked like sisters. My daughter turned to me with that somewhat pained look that every mom has when it seems their child has entered that “almost out the door stage of life” and said “she doesn’t look 11”. I just gave her an understanding smile because in that moment, she didn’t look 42 to me either. For an instant, I was ushered back to the time when I was the mom and she was 11.
The children, they grow up so fast. Cherish every moment, in every stage.
The cycle of life is a glorious gift … embrace it!