Mother’s Day in September…what?

For several weeks leading up to Mother’s Day and even on that Sunday I mused over the idea of writing a piece about being a mom. After all my blogs often speak specifically to moms. So why did I write a few sentences, get distracted and eventually move on to other writing projects? Why was it such a struggle to express my thoughts on a topic that is so important to me? It didn’t need to be a manual on motherhood, simply a few paragraphs of encouragement. As we all know time passes so quickly it often seems that if you blink you’re in a whole other season. That’s what happened with this blog. The subject continued to melodically float in and out of my thoughts but I never got around to fleshing out my ideas. Eventually it seemed that I would have to wait until next year to address the Mother’s Day/holiday subject.  Wait…maybe it’s not too late. But how do you reengage interest in Mother’s Day when it’s almost five months behind us?

Duh…that is the real theme of this blog! It is impossible to relegate one day out of the year as a sufficient celebration of motherhood. Being a mom is a twenty-four seven, three hundred sixty-five day of every year gig. Whether you are a working, stay at home, single or married mom, you are always a mom.

I understand the sentiment, respect the traditions and am thankful that there is a day set aside with mothers in mind. Hallmark, Tel-a-flora, Edible Arrangements and countless others do an excellent job of providing us with tangible ways that we can express our love and appreciation for our mothers. Brunch and visits to a spa are a few things that I totally enjoy. I can be a “pomp and circumstance” kinda girl. I enjoy being pampered. The truth is every mother needs to be appreciated and Mother’s Day should be a special day.

On the other hand, I have been a mother for the past forty years. For over half of my life I have been blessed to be called mother, mommy, mom. It has been my primary vocation, my most rewarding accomplishment. That is why I couldn’t finish this until today; the reason that my thoughts couldn’t be dismissed. I am a mom today and every other day. I was a mom in May and I’m still a mom in September. So even though I am a fan of the holiday, one day does not do motherhood justice. Every mom reading this knows exactly what I mean. We are mothers every day for the rest of our lives. It is an extreme responsibility and an extrordinary gift.

My mother is eighty-six years young. I still call her mama. I still crave her approval. I listen to her more intently than ever, seeking her wisdom. She reminds me lovingly that I am her first born, her “little girl”. My mother is still my mother even though I am a “big girl” now and GRANDmother myself.

Let me encourage you to enjoy the annual tradition AND find ways to celebrate yourself every day. You will be a mom until you leave the earth. Embrace motherhood. It’s good to be a mom. Why not celebrate Mother’s Day again…in September?