GodChicks, Girlfriends and other Great moments

I just returned from what can only be described as one of the greatest weeks of my life. It was FABulous! Don’t you just love when the experience exceeds your expectations? It all started months ago when I received the GodChicks Conference brochure (more like a catalog) in the mail. I hadn’t been to this amazing gathering of women for several years.

The brochure cover hooked me. I was in. The next step was to contact a friend with a simple text ‘thinking about doing GodChicks June 29-30th in LA r u in?” The rest is “herstory”! Women have the amazing ability to gather and disseminate information in a very short period of time. In  short order,  the “fab 4” were committed to GodChicks and good times. We registered online, booked our hotel and made travel plans. In the months leading up to the conference we all went on with our lives. Family, work, school etc with a few brief phone calls and texts. Long conversations weren’t necessary. We’ve traveled this road before. There have been other conferences that we’ve attended together.

The atmosphere changed the week before GodChicks, we all were giddy with anticipation. We descended on Hollywood (the absolute perfect place to gather for the sole purpose of exalting the Name of Jesus) and our “girlcation” began with exuberant conversation to the point that security knocked at our hotel room door. Really! It had simply been too long and we were excited to reconnect and do another portion of our lives together. True girlfriends though separated by time and distance can always reconnect. (One little suggestion…make sure you have some girls to do life with…we were meant to do life together) The meetings, conference speakers, praise and worship, fellowship with dear friends and ministry partners though brief was wonderful. Girl talk, laughter, tears, shopping and food was abundantly present. We had a blast and our souls were fed. It was a beautiful combination.

The next days were filled with more chatter, food, laughter and tears with my breathtakingly beautiful and talented daughter. My heart was full. There was so much LOVE! The last stop on my holiday included a visit with my mom and dad, sisters, nieces and brother-in-law. Traveling these days can be hectic and exhausting. My time of GodChicks, girlfriends and other great moments was more than worth it. I’ll do it again in a heartbeat.

If you have the opportunity to spend time with family and friends, do everything in your power to make it happen. Life is short. Relationships are a gift. Fill your life with great moments. I don’t have any travel plans for this week, however I will be enjoying some great moments with some more Girlfriends! How about you? Let’s do what captured my attention on the GodChicks brochure. Let’s “love one another”!