a GRANDmother’s advice:

All young mothers have been told to enjoy every moment of their child’s life. It’s great advice…so heed it! Now I have two GBs and they are literally growing up before my eyes! The girl will hit double digits this year and I’m wondering where has the time gone? I was there when she was born. I’ve been with her for every birthday. I’ve made every “Grandparents Day” event. And still it seems like just yesterday when her mom told me that she was having a baby.

So from a grandmother of 10 years and a mom of 40 years, take my advice…cherish your children. Every moment that you share with them is precious. The birthdays pass by quickly, the milestones in milliseconds and seemingly in the blink of an eye they will be forging their way into adulthood.

Love them. Embrace them. Listen to them. Hug them. Support them. Kiss them when you want to strangle them. Teach them. Learn from them. Celebrate their victories. Comfort them in their struggles. Cherish every second. Make unforgettable memories with them. Color with them in their coloring books. Make them hot chocolate when their cramming for an exam. These are only a few tips. I could give you many more. Some things I did well and others I learned after making mistakes. Always and I do mean Always watch your words. Speak kindly to them. When they’ve had a fender bender, used old school crayons on your newly -painted walls, or dropped your iPhone in the toilet…count to ten and remember that things are replaceable. Your words will be remembered years later. Speak  kindly to your children even when you are providing discipline. Pray for your children. Love them. The years go by quickly. Cherish every moment. They’ll never be irresistible, cuddly newborns again.

My “girls” are grown. I am über proud of them. I respect them as accomplished, capable women. I also remember how sweet they smelled when they were born. And sometimes when I look at them, I still see them as my beautiful little girls.

So all you moms, cherish every moment that you have with your children. You will be so glad that you did.

This is a GRANDmother’s advice.

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