Perfect timing…

My recent stirring to go deeper in my relationship with God has proven to be, interesting. Only He has that special way of communicating His presence in the most mundane circumstances. I awakened early this morning and proceeded to stumble through my altered routine because of an early dental appointment. My preference can be early just not rushed. I like leisurely. You know….sipping my coffee, possibly on the patio in an atmosphere of golf course greens, gentle breezes, bunnies darting about, birds singing, worship music serenading me in the background (“Beautiful Things” by Gungor) my bible, journal and my morning conversation with God. I really like all things “cute” in my life! Needless to say, racing out of the house, maneuvering traffic, and being informed that I was exactly one day early for an already dreaded assignment to the dentist’s chair was not the ideal way to start my morning.

But since I was already out and it was still early, I decided to treat myself to breakfast. After a quick google, I located a cute little spot not far from my home. What a delight; great food and service, plus Kona coffee. (Ok so all is not lost) I settled in with my nook and “One in a Million” Priscilla Shirer and the words began to slowly speak to the recesses of my heart. No shouting, nothing earth-shattering, just that still small voice reminding me that on a morning that didn’t start out with my picture perfect plan, my God would join me for breakfast. The words spoken to me were perfectly timed and personal.

Let me encourage you that Abba wants to join you in every portion of your life’s journey.

He desires to make His presence known. Even in the ordinary, unexpected places. His timing is always perfect!

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